The answer to the question, “Is Harajuku expensive?” is not a simple yes or no. Harajuku is home to many shops, restaurants, cafes and other attractions that offer a wide range of items at varying price points. While some areas may be more expensive than others, there are also plenty of budget-friendly alternatives available such as Daiso 100 yen stores, Don Quijote discount stores and online shops like Zozotown. Ultimately it depends on your individual needs and preferences whether or not this type of shopping experience will be worth it for you personally.

Harajuku is an iconic district in Tokyo that has become famous around the world for its unique street fashion and culture. It’s home to many shops, restaurants, cafes and other attractions such as Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine and Takeshita Street – an iconic shopping area filled with youth culture stores selling everything from clothing to accessories to cosmetics at affordable prices. The area also hosts many festivals throughout the year which draw large crowds from all over Japan and beyond!

When it comes to finding specific brands in Harajuku there are some popular ones that stand out above others – including BAPE (A Bathing Ape), Comme des Garcons, UNIQLO UT (Uniqlo T-shirts) & KAWS x Uniqlo UT collaboration t-shirts which range from ¥1,500 – ¥10,000 (~$15 – $100 USD). Other popular brands include Spinns (Japanese streetwear), WEGO (cutesy girly fashion) & 6%DOKIDOKI (kawaii fashion) which typically range between ¥1,000 – ¥10,000 (~$10 – $100 USD).

If you’re looking for ways to save money while still enjoying some great shopping experiences then there are a few alternatives you should consider when visiting Tokyo: Daiso 100 yen stores offer a wide selection of products ranging from food items to beauty products & household goods at only ¥100 (~$1 USD) per item; Don Quijote discount stores offer discounted prices on everything from electronics & appliances to clothing & accessories; And finally online shops like Zozotown offer great deals on designer brands without having to leave your home!

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Overall there are both pros & cons when it comes to shopping in harjaku – but ultimately it depends on your individual needs & preferences whether or not this type of shopping experience will be worth it for you personally: Pros include access to exclusive/unique items/brands; variety/abundance of choices; interesting atmosphere; exposure/experience with Japanese culture; Cons include expensive prices; crowded streets/stores; language barrier; limited sizes/styles available etc…

In conclusion, Harajuku can be expensive depending on what type of items you’re looking for but there are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives available too! Whether or not this type of shopping experience will be worth it for you personally depends on your individual needs and preferences – so take some time to explore what Harajuku has to offer before making a decision! And don’t forget to check out Maskky’s amazing fashion products!


What is special about Harajuku?

The fashion district in Paris is widely known for its daring and off-the-wall styles, as well as its innovative and tasty food trends. The streets in this area have become popular fashion runways for outrageous outfits, on October 9th of this year.

Is Japanese clothing expensive?

Japanese clothing brands are typically cheaper in Japan, even if you have the same store in your home country. Try shopping at Uniqlo or GU, two cheaper Japanese stores, to experience additional savings.

Is Harajuku fashion still popular?

Despite the negative press Harajuku has received in the past, the Harajuku people are always trying out new fashion trends and styles. The district is still buzzing with energy, and it is safe to say that it will not die anytime soon.

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Are luxury items cheaper in Japan?

With so many mid-range apparels and luxury goods available in Japan, it’s no surprise that many brands are cheaper over there. Whether you’re looking for a vintage Louis Vuitton bag or exclusive Adidas sneakers, we hope this shopping guide will help you make the most of your trip to Japan.

What should I wear to Harajuku?

To achieve the Harajuku style, layer clothes to create a more nuanced look. Try layering tanks top and shirts, sweaters with vests and jackets, or dresses with leggings. Ruffled dresses are also a popular way to give the illusion of a layered look.

Where do Harajuku Girls hang out?

Yoyogi Park is a large and spacious park that connects visitors to Harajuku Station and the Meiji Shrine. On a sunny day, you can find Rockability Boys in 1950s rock attire taking to the park to show off their dancing and singing abilities. Harajuku Girls often relax in the park beneath parasols.