Harajuku, a district of Tokyo, Japan, is known for its vibrant street fashion scene, where young Japanese people show off their unique and often outrageous style. It’s become an iconic part of Japanese culture, with tourists from all over the world flocking to the area to experience it firsthand and take photos of the colorful characters who call it home. But what exactly should you do when you visit this vibrant neighborhood? This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to everything “harajuku must do” so that you can make the most out of your visit!

What is Harajuku?
Harajuku is a district located within the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. It’s known for its youth culture, particularly its street fashion scene which draws people from all over the world who are interested in seeing what’s new and exciting in terms of clothing trends. While there are many different types of fashion styles on display here, one of the most iconic looks that has come out of this area is known as ‘nan’ or ‘natural’ which tends to be more minimalist and subtle than other styles such as lolita or gothic lolita which are also popular here. Nan style typically consists of basic items such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers but with an emphasis on quality materials and attention to detail when it comes to accessories such as jewelry or bags etc… The overall effect is one that looks effortless yet still stylish – something that has become increasingly popular amongst young people looking for an alternative to more traditional fashion trends like preppy or punk looks etc…

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Harajuku Must-Do List
When visiting harajuku there are certain must-do activities that no visitor should miss out on! These include:

• Shopping – There are countless stores selling everything from high-end designer labels to affordable vintage items so if you’re looking for something special then this is definitely the place to find it! Be sure to check out some of the smaller independent boutiques too since these tend to have some really unique items that you won’t find anywhere else! Takeshitadori Street is lined with shops selling everything from shoes and clothing accessories through to souvenirs – perfect if you’re looking for something unique as a memento from your trip!

• Eating – From traditional sushi restaurants to trendy cafes serving up delicious desserts there’s something for everyone when it comes to food options in harajuku! Make sure you try some local dishes such as okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) or taiyaki (fish shaped waffles filled with sweet azuki bean paste). There are also plenty of international restaurants so if you’re feeling homesick then why not grab a burger or pizza?

• Nightlife – Whether you prefer a relaxed evening with friends at one of the many bars/pubs/izakayas or an all night dance party at one of harajukus famous clubs then there are plenty of options available! Just make sure you bring your ID since most places require proof that you are over 20 years old before they will let you enter!

• Art & Culture – If art galleries and museums aren’t your thing then why not take a stroll through Yoyogi Park where you can admire some beautiful sculptures or see performances by local musicians/dancers etc… There are also plenty of festivals held throughout the year so be sure to check out what events will be taking place during your stay!

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Harajuku truly has something for everyone – whether it’s shopping, eating out or exploring the vibrant nightlife scene – so make sure not miss out on any must-do activities when visiting this iconic neighborhood. And don’t forget – after experiencing all that Harajuku has to offer, be sure to check out Maskky’s amazing range of kawaii fashion products – perfect for adding a touch of Harajuku style into your wardrobe!

What is Harajuku famous for?

SoHa is an internationally-known fashion district that is well-known for its bold styles and food trends that go beyond the typical. On October 9th, it will be hosting its annual fashion show.

What is the best day for Harajuku?

Sunday is the best day to see sights in Tokyo because it is the day that youth culture is most represented. Head to Harajuku Bridge to see the vibrant and unique culture of Japan’s youth.

Is Harajuku still a thing?

Harajuku used to be a post town, which is visible in the characters that make up its name: “meadow lodging.” But today it has a global appeal as the birthplace of kawaii (cute) culture. Harajuku is also home to Tokyo’s oldest wooden station building.

Where do Harajuku Girls hang out?

Yoyogi Park is a large and spacious park that connects visitors to Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine. On a Sunny day, Rockability Boys take to the park to show off their best dancing and singing skills. Harajuku Girls often relax in the park beneath parasols, enjoying the day.

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What should I wear to Harajuku?

To achieve a Harajuku style, layer clothes to create an interesting look. Try layering tank tops and shirts, sweaters with vests and jackets, or dresses with leggings. Ruffled dresses are also a popular way to add texture and interest to your look.

Is Meiji Shrine worth visiting?

Visiting Meiji Jingu Shrine is the best way to experience the sacred atmosphere of Japanese historical shrines in Tokyo. Walk along the main approach through the peaceful forest, explore the beautiful Inner Garden, and appreciate the valuable exhibitions at the exquisite museum.