Fairy kei fashion is a unique and eye-catching style that has been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly among the youth culture of Japan and other parts of Asia. It is characterized by its bright colors, pastel shades, and cute motifs, making it stand out from other fashion styles. In this article we will explore the origins of fairy kei fashion, its key elements, popular brands and how to wear this style with confidence and flair!

What is Fairy Kei Fashion?
Fairy kei fashion is a vibrant style that combines elements from classic 80’s street style with modern kawaii influences from anime and manga culture. It typically features bright colors such as pinks, blues, yellows and greens, pastel shades like lavender and mint green, fun prints like polka dots or stars, as well as cute motifs such as hearts or animals. It also incorporates vintage items such as t-shirts or jackets with cartoon characters or logos from the 80s era for an extra touch of nostalgia. The overall look is girly yet edgy at the same time – perfect for those who want to make a statement without going over the top!

Origins of Fairy Kei Fashion:
The origin of fairy kei fashion can be traced back to the 1980s when Japanese streetwear began to take on a more colorful aesthetic thanks to Harajuku fashion icons such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Kero Kero Bonito who were known for their eccentric looks featuring bright colors and playful prints. This trend was then adopted by designers in Tokyo’s Shibuya district who created their own versions of “fairy kei” clothing which soon became popular among young people looking for something different than the norm. The term “fairy kei” itself was coined by designer Sebastian Masuda in 2006 when he opened his shop 6%DOKIDOKI which featured his own brand of clothing inspired by his childhood memories growing up in Japan during the 1980s era.

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Key Elements of Fairy Kei Fashion:
The key elements that make up fairy kei fashion are its bright colors, pastel shades, fun prints and cute motifs – all combined together for a unique look that stands out from other styles! Popular pieces include oversized sweaters or hoodies with cartoon characters on them; brightly colored skirts or dresses with frills; t-shirts featuring bold graphic designs; chunky sneakers; layered tutus; bow headbands; fluffy accessories like stuffed animals or teddy bears; hair clips adorned with glittery gems; colorful socks; platform shoes; patterned stockings; faux fur coats or jackets; candy-colored sunglasses; jewelry featuring charms or beads shaped into hearts or stars – just to name a few! All these items come together to create an eclectic mix that reflects both a nostalgic feeling of childhood innocence while still being fashionable enough for today’s trends!

Popular Brands in Fairy Kei Fashion:
When it comes to shopping for fairy kei fashion items there are many popular brands out there worth checking out! Some notable ones include 6%DOKIDOKI (the original brand started by Sebastian Masuda), Angelic Pretty (known for their sweet lolita dresses), Putumayo (specializing in vintage-inspired clothing), Baby The Stars Shine Bright (famous for their frilly blouses) and Milklim (a Korean brand specializing in kawaii streetwear). These brands have become household names amongst fans of this style due to their high quality materials and attention to detail when it comes to creating unique pieces that reflect the essence of fairy keifashion!

How To Wear Fairy Kei Fashion:
Wearing fairy keifashion can be intimidating at first but once you get used to it you’ll find yourself having fun experimenting with different looks! A great way to start off your wardrobe is by finding some basic pieces such as a long skirt paired with a striped T-shirt and some chunky sneakers – this will give you an instant boost of color while still keeping things casual enough so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. You can then add more layers if desired such as an oversized sweater overtop or some statement accessories like earrings shaped like stars. As far as makeup goes, keep it simple but make sure your eyes pop with some bold mascara or eyeliner – this will really help bring out your features while still keeping things subtle enough so they don’t overpower your outfit. Finally don’t forget about nan – these tiny little charms can be added onto any item including bags, shoes or even jewelry – they’re great for adding an extra touch of cuteness without going overboard!

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Where To Buy Fairy Kei Fashion:
If you’re looking for where to buy fairy keifashion items then you’re in luck because there are plenty of online stores dedicated specifically towards this style! Some notable ones include Closet Child (which specializes in vintage apparel),Tokyo Rebel (which offers trendy pieces at affordable prices),and Spank (which offers playful accessories). You can also check out physical stores such as 6%DOKIDOKI located in Tokyo’s Harajuku district where you’ll find plenty of one-of-a-kind items curated specifically towards this aesthetic. Alternatively if you prefer shopping online then websites like Yesstyle offer an extensive selection at budget friendly prices so there’s something for everyone regardless of budget constraints!

Fairy keifashion is definitely here to stay so why not give it a try? With its bright colors, pastel shades, fun prints and cute motifs there’s no doubt that this style will turn heads wherever you go – plus there’s no shortage when it comes to finding stylish yet affordable pieces either online or offline so what are you waiting for? Let your inner child shine through with some magical fairykeifashion today!

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