1. Introduction

Furries are people who are passionate about anthropomorphic animals and the furry community. They often create their own characters, called fursonas, and wear costumes to conventions and other events. Becoming a furry is a fun way to express yourself and make friends who share your interests. In this article, we’ll discuss what it takes to become a furry, how to create your character, where to find the right furry community for you, how to participate in events, how to create your own fursona and costumes, and how to stay safe in the furry community.

2. What is a Furry?

A furry is someone who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals—that is, animals that have been given human characteristics such as the ability to talk or walk on two legs. The term “furry” can refer both to fans of this type of media as well as people who identify as furries themselves and create their own characters or fursonas. Furries come from all walks of life; anyone can become a furry regardless of age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

3. What does it take to become a Furry?

Becoming a furry doesn’t require any special skills or qualifications; all it takes is an interest in anthropomorphic animals and the willingness to explore that interest further! It’s important to keep an open mind when exploring the fandom; there are many different types of furries with different interests and perspectives on what it means to be part of the community.

4. How to create your Furry Character?

Creating your own character or fursona is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a furry! This can be done through drawing your character (or having someone else draw it for you), writing stories about them, creating costumes for them, or simply talking about them with other members of the fandom. Your character should reflect your interests and personality; they don’t need to be perfect but should still feel like an extension of yourself.

5. Finding the right Furry Community for You

Once you’ve created your character, it’s time to find other people who share your interests! There are many online communities dedicated specifically for furries where you can meet like-minded people from around the world—from chat rooms and forums where you can discuss topics related to being a furry all the way up through larger conventions where thousands of furries gather together for fun activities like costume contests and group events.

6. Participating in Events and Conventions as a Furry

Attending conventions or other events as a furry is one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in the fandom! At these events you can meet fellow furries from around the world while also participating in activities such as costume contests or group photoshoots (often referred to as “furmeets”). Some conventions even offer workshops on topics such as fursuit construction or art classes related specifically towards creating characters/fursonas!

7. Creating Your Own Fursona and Costumes

If you want take your involvement with being a furry even further then creating your own character/fursona along with costumes is highly recommended! This process involves designing both visual aspects such as clothing/accessories along with more abstract aspects such as personality traits/background story etc… Creating costumes also requires some knowledge on sewing/fabric manipulation so if this isn’t something you already know then attending workshops at conventions may help get you started!

8. Staying Safe in the Furry Community

As with any online community there are always risks associated with meeting up with strangers so it’s important that everyone remains aware & vigilant when participating in activities within this community (especially those involving face-to-face interaction). Make sure that if you do decide meet up with someone then do so in public settings & always let someone else know where & when you’re going beforehand just incase anything goes wrong!

9 Conclusion

Becoming a furry is an exciting journey that allows individuals express themselves creatively while also making new friends along way! From creating characters & attending conventions all way up through constructing costumes & staying safe within this community – there’s plenty opportunities out there those looking explore their passions further & have fun doing so! If becoming part this vibrant culture sounds appealing then why not give it try today? And don’t forget check out Maskky fashion products for all latest trends & styles related being part this amazing fandom!

What qualifies you to be a furry?

Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphized animals, which is essentially referring to animals who have been given human characteristics.

Can a 12 year old be a furry?

Furries are a group of fans who engage in a variety of activities related to the furry fandom, including writing stories, drawing art, and dressing up in costumes. They come from all ages and sizes and possess a wide range of interests.

Is being a furry inappropriate?

Furry fandom is based on openness and acceptance, which is great for anyone who wants to feel comfortable in a community. No matter what your beliefs are, furry fandom is the place for you!

What do furries believe?

The furry fandom is a subculture that is interested in anthropomorphic animal characters, which possess human intelligence and expressions, walk on two legs, and wear clothes.

How do furries talk?

FurSpeech is the rewording of basic words through the substitution of vowels and symbols specific to the furry community. This subgenre was coined by furry community member and writer Wanderer Wolf.

What gender is a furry?

The study found that the majority of furries are male, although transgender, genderfluid, and non-binary furries are also present at higher rates than in the general population.