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Now fashion seems to have entered the fashion world as well. With all the new changes in the world, why should fashion be left behind? That’s why we make you look fabulous in both your outfit and your facial expression through our high quality fashion masks. Each of our masks is visually appealing and offers absolute protection against dust, pollutants and of course viruses. But even when the virus didn’t exist, masks were still considered a major fashion statement. Now they’ve dipped into the necessity category, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear the ordinary, nondescript masks!
Huge collection of fashion masks
Our extensive collection allows you to choose the colors and designs you like, whether it’s a minimalist look you’re going for or a heavily decorated piece, Maskky has your back. We believe that masks don’t have to be plain and boring, and that there should be masks that go with your entire outfit. Since your face can’t really appear, the user expresses themselves through that particular fashion mask, so the mask you choose is the message you give to the world.

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Designer masks in all variations

Designs by Maskky
The most popular designs at Maskky are our fun and retro patterned fashion masks. These masks serve to make a bold statement that allows the wearer to say that they are a fun and adventurous person. Brightly colored masks also bring a smile to the wearer’s eyes, as the vibrant colors and imaginative designs can brighten the mood. However, function is never compromised with Maskky; our masks protect you, but with style.
Fit and style
The comfort of each of the masks is at the highest level. This is because the fashion mask is designed to be easy to put on and take off due to the material of the strap. Most fashion masks at Maskky are made of polyester and spandex, this allows the wearer to use and wash the masks to reuse them. Therefore, our product promotes sustainability and is friendly to the environment. The style and shape are the next things after the material comfort. Due to the material, the masks adapt to the contours of the face and offer a smart fit for every face shape.

Current fashion trends

New form of self-expression
Even though some of the masks stick to the minimalist side, you’ll never miss bright colors and ornate masks at Maskky because we believe you’ve been granted a new form of self-expression in this age. Now you can show off the love you have for traditional patterns through our patterned colorful masks. Our fashionable masks allow you to make a statement while providing a protective barrier from harmful substances. Our masks are comfortable to wear and breathable, so you can go about your daily activities unhindered.
Themed Fashion Masks
We know how much people love to dress to a theme, so why not give them the option to wear a mask that matches that theme! Now you can buy themed masks, whether it’s for Halloween or just a quote from your favorite character embroidered on your masks, we at Maskky are sure to have it all. Our masks are perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions like raves, festivals or even birthday parties.

Kawaii Masks & Mouthguards

Our fashion masks are very breathable and can therefore be worn over a surgical mask without any problems. This way, the aesthetics won’t be compromised and you’ll still get the style you’re looking for. However, these fashion masks can be worn either alone or over a regular mask for added protection and aesthetics. This would ensure that you have double protection from various allergens from the outside world.
Why should you shop at Maskky?
Our goal at Maskky is to provide our customers with the best quality of fashionable masks. Our design and illustrations all tell a story. Functionality is never abandoned in favour of aesthetics, because we believe that form should follow function. The beauty of our fashion masks allows us to make these bold claims. But that doesn’t mean everything can be sacrificed for functionality, so our designs are the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.
Our wide selection will allow you to take your shopping experience to the extreme. Because all eyes will be on you and that fashionable mask you’re wearing. Even if you’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while running errands. With our fashion masks, you can make those meaningless errands fun while expressing your individuality. Our fashion masks will complement your wardrobe perfectly and become an instant favorite in your books. So what are you waiting for, grab these stylish masks from Maskky now!